Wireframes for the Asos Best Night Ever project

The Asos Best Night Ever campaign was a large project: 1 micro-site within 4 apps and 3 social games. As a Senior Designer my role was to translate the creative ideas into visual design and communicate these informations to the Development team. The best way was to draw clean and polished wireframes. The client could give constructive feedbacks early on the project and the Development team could start to build the bases before the visual Design work started. See below some wireframes:


Site map and wireframes of the micro-site hosted in Facebook:
Micro-site Wireframes

Pose like Charlotte Free is a social game where users had to mimic Charlotte's poses and #tag there photo to appear in the app stream:
Pose Like Charlotte Free Wireframes

Party Photo Booth is a tool that able user to customise their Facebook cover:
Party Photo booth Wireframes

Best Night Ever app is a collection of users best dress up in picture pulled from #Instagram.
Best Night Ever Wireframes

Fashion Bingo is a twisted bingo game where users can win £1000.
Fashion Bingo Wireframes

Chrismix is customisable Christmas message Tool.
Chirsmix Wireframes